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New Patients at Nardone Family Chiropractic

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Welcome to Our Practice!

Our office is warm and welcoming, with a very homey atmosphere. It’s our goal to eliminate any apprehension and make you feel right at home. Dr. Nardone cares for all patients, from newborns to the elderly, and chiropractic techniques are safe, gentle and effective.

Chiropractic treatment schedules vary for each patient. The treatment schedule is determined after a comprehensive consultation, careful examination, and digital x-rays.

Our staff takes the time at every visit to answer any questions you might have. They’ll lead you step by step to help you achieve your health goals.

Your First Visit

During your first appointment, you’ll complete our brief health questionnaire to help Dr. Nardone get to know you and your health concerns or treatment goals.

You’ll then have a very thorough consultation and complete chiropractic exam. Dr. Nardone will take X-rays to get as much information as possible about your current condition.

You can expect this first visit to last approximately 45 minutes.

Woman getting adjustment

Your Second Visit

The next time you see Dr. Nardone, she’ll review your symptoms with you and talk with you about how your symptoms are related to the findings from your X-rays and examination. Then, you’re ready for your first treatment!

This visit will typically require 35 minutes.

Future Visits

Your regular chiropractic visits will be much shorter. In many cases, you’ll just need about 15 minutes to receive your adjustment and be on your way. Some patients receive adjunctive therapy, which will add a little time to the appointment.

If you are a candidate for rehabilitation therapy, you’ll be referred to that department. There you’ll focus on rehabilitative exercises prescribed specifically for you by Dr. Nardone.

Once your original problem is resolved, your treatment is complete. Just as they see the dentist regularly for checkups, many patients choose to have their spines examined on a routine basis for preventative maintenance. We’re happy to help you schedule these spinal evaluation visits.

Get Started Today

Whether you choose to discontinue treatment when your condition resolves or continue to have periodic adjustments to help maintain a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Nardone is happy to comply. Learn more by contacting our office today.

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